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Sarashi Ai

Sarashi Ai


0-1, 3, 5-6. Sarashi Ai (晒し愛) Aoi Kurosaki is a pretty popular girl who's actually an exhibitionist and a pervert. She has a crush on her classmate Noda. How is she going to express her feelings for him? 2. Barrier Free (バγƒͺをフγƒͺγƒΌ) A teenager with his childhood friend who is now bound by a wheelchair. 4. Seitokaichou wa Aisare-kei (η”ŸεΎ’δΌšι•·γ―ζ„›γ•γ‚Œη³») What happens when the Student council's lovely president gets confessed to both by the boy she's in love with and a girl who's like a little sister to her? You can guess...

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