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Jouzetsu na Shichakushitsu

Jouzetsu na Shichakushitsu


Riku is the son of a well-known announcer and actress and he hates it. He hates being a celebrity kid, and since he shares the same voice as his father, he also hates his voice despite it being an asset. With Riku's coming-of-age ceremony coming up, his father decides to buy him a suit, the reason being most of Riku's clothes consisted of street fashion. In the store, he meets the owner and tailor, Kiichi Hiiragi, a married man who has a way with words and finding the right suit. Riku becomes suspicious of Kiichi and as it turns out, Kiichi's feelings for his father is more than just being a fan; Kiichi has a thing for older men. Things take a turn between the two of them and Riku finds himself attracted to Kiichi, but the question is - does Kiichi like him back?

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