Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance

Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance


In a modern cityscape inspired by the Russian classic Crime and Punishment, Ochiai Naoyuki reimagines the tale through the lens of a Japanese writer named Tachi. Recently acclaimed as the Best New Writer, Tachi grapples with the weight of familial expectations and the pressure to succeed in a competitive literary world. Struggling with his identity and the complexities of urban life in Tokyo, Tachi finds himself at a crossroads as he navigates the challenges of recognition and the harsh realities of existence. Amidst a backdrop of surrealism and inner turmoil, Tachi battles not only his past but also the ethical dilemmas that haunt him. Isolated and adrift, Tachi's life unravels, marked by a prolonged absence from work and haunting dreams fraught with darkness and foreboding. As he teeters on the edge of societal withdrawal, Tachi's journey into the depths of his psyche unveils a tumultuous path ahead, hinting at a narrative that transcends mere isolation.

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