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Mankai Otome

Mankai Otome


Collection of short stories: 1. Natsu Otome (Summer Maiden) After a couple's first sexual experience fails due to unbearable pain, tension forms between as they continue biology club's summer break activities. Haruka worries that Yuuro has given up on her, but is that really the case? 2. Natsu Otome no Tsuzuki (The Continuation of Summer Maiden) The summer break is still not over, so Haruka and Yuuto continue their sexual escapades in their school. 3. Moumoku Shoujo Heart (A Blind Maiden's Heart) A guy has a dirty dream featuring his junior who had confessed to him a week ago despite them not knowing each other. When he wakes up, he is on an empty train, and said juniou is stroking his crotch. 4. Doki! Otome no Binetsu Daisakusen! (Throb! Otome's Slight Fever Great Operation) After Marie masturbates naked, fantasising about her upcoming date with her boyfriend Junpei, she catches a cold. Fortunately, Junpei comes over to check up on her. 5. Otome Jukukoushi Hiiragi Satsuki (Virgin Cram School Teacher Hiiragi Satsuki) Hiiragi, a cram school teacher, is finally alone in her home with her student and boyfriend, Yuu. She is determined to have sex, but she is too nervous to make any advances. 6. Otome Hayabusa Tobi (Trick Skip Maiden) Yoshio's girlfriend, Akane, is overly conscious of her breasts, so she practiced skipping the rope without making her breasts bounce inside her room. However, she got tangled instead, leaving her hands restrained above her head. That's the sight Yoshio sees when he comes to visit her. He makes a pun about the situation and recieves a kick in the jewels as a reward, so instead of helping Akane, he gets other ideas. 7. Otomegokoro Overflow!! (Maiden's Feelings Overflow!!) Tadayoshi confesses his love to Akira, but in response she asks him if that means he wants to have sex with her? Bewildered, he is taken on a date that rapidly turns into a sexual escapade. 8. Otometsubaki (Maiden Camellia) A young woman solicits a man from the street. 9. Momoiro Mikan (Pink Mandarin) A tutor thinks of quitting since his tutee, Sumireko, always stops studying when he arrives. However, Sumireko will have none of that. 10. Karisome Otome (Negligent Maiden) When Junta reads Akino's diary that is filled with fantasies of the two of them having sex, he can't help but be curious. Thus, he sneaks into her room at night to read that day's entry, but Akino is not yet asleep... 11. Oretachi no Te de Tsukamu 22 Seiki (The 22nd Century Is In Our Hands) Jessica is an assistant to a brilliant engineer who is obsessed with creating the perfect maid robot. She is in love with him, but his obsession is singleminded. What will she do when, after an accident, the doctor mistakes her for the perfected mecha-maid?

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