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comedy · hentai · romance · sci-fi

A series of short very well illustrated stories involving intercourse. 1. Iris Rebigata With the help of alcohol, one little brother's dream of his sister becomes a reality! 2. Gloxinia Boyfriend is criticized because his girlfriend dresses like a tomboy, so to show them up she dresses up and gets a makeover. This instantly makes her very popular with everyone, which he simply can't tolerate. 3. Phalaenopsis Two friends get over their mutual 'tsundereness' with the help of hypnosis. 4. Chaenonmele Siensis - Karin (Former title: Deprives) Two former high school classmates reconnect after years apart, mostly at the groin. 5. Euryops Daisy White lines appear over the heads of couples that are connected by a red string of fate. 6-10. Angraecum Travellers from another world appear, sex ensues.

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