Hoshikawa Ginza Yonchoume

Hoshikawa Ginza Yonchoume


Delving into the bond between Matsuda Otome, a homeschooled girl, and Nakagawa Minato, a high school teacher, this tale unravels Otome's troubled past and her current guardianship under Minato-sensei. As Otome grows wary of Minato's behavior, she embarks on a quest for truth. What revelations await as Otome probes into Minato's daily life? Each volume features a captivating 'kakioroshi' chapter, with Volume 3 showcasing the intriguing side story 'My First Hoshikawa' (マイファースト星川). Notably, Chapter 20 unfolds in two parts, A and B, offering a dual narrative progression.

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