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Hokenshitsu de Suki ni Shite

Hokenshitsu de Suki ni Shite


After a sour experience in his past, Manaya has sworn off all younger men for good. So, working at an all-boys high school as the school nurse is less than uneventful. Manaya, instead, swoons for older and mature men like Kiyotsugu Tsuruga, the mysterious one night stand he met and drunkenly invited to a hotel. It's already been three days but Manaya can't stop thinking about him and his fancy tuxedo, going back and forth between regretting not getting his number, and justifying his decision because it was just a one-night thing. Just as Manaya was day dreaming about meeting Tsuruga again, a fancy car pulls up in the school lot and out comes... none other than that exact man of his dreams!

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