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Love Letter

Love Letter


1. Otouto Naburi A girl offers her younger brother's dick to her friends to play with. 2-6. Love Letter Chizuru has fallen in love with a boy from her school, so she is delighted when he gives her a love letter. Thankfully, the fat, middle-aged teacher who has made her into his sex slave allows her to date the boy, but is that truly fortunate? 7. Encode! A girl sells her body to a middle-aged man. 8. Onee-chan Nanka Daikirai!! (I Hate My Big Sister!!) 9-10. Loli Kyonyu Mama (Loli Big Breasted Mama) Maa-kun is troubled by his parents' close relationship, but he loves them nonetheless, especially his mother. One day, when his father works late and his mother is drunk, he becomes unable to resist the temptation to fondle her breasts. 11. Futari de Houkago (The Two of Us Afterschool) Having finished their exams, a couple stops by at an arcade. The arcade is empty since it's still early, so Sanae, turned on by Shin's finger work while playing, decides to give him a handjob. 12. Futari de Escape (Double Escape)

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