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1. Daremo Shiranai (èȘ°ă‚‚矄らăȘい, No One Knows); Comic Megastore 2009-10 Yuri is the captain of the swim team. She's popular, beautiful, and has a fan-club, but she hates men. Despite that, a certain club member adores her immensely, so when he hears weird sounds from the girls' locker room, he doesn't hesitate to investigate, just in case Yuri injured herself. What he didn't expect is to find the root cause behind Yuri's dislike of men. 2. Project i (ă·ă‚ă˜ă‡ăăšïœ‰); Comic Megastore 2009-04 Nishizawa has been dating Shinji for a year and has carefully planned how to take their relationship to the next level, but when she arrives at his house and starts tidying up, she stumbles across his porn stash and discovers his secret fetish. Thinking quickly, she takes advantage of her newfound knowledge to further her plans. 3. Genzai Kataomoi (çŸćœšç‰‡æƒłă„äž­, My Love Is Unrequited, For Now...); Comic Megastore 2008-12 Chinami's love is unrequited, but only for now. After all, her crush, Takashima, asked her to help him study so that he can get to the same college she is applying to. This gives her the opportunity to slowly get closer to him as she tutors him, and then start a relationship when they start college. Unfortunately, Chinami's rose-coloured plans soon come crashing down when Takashima tells her he is love with another girl. In her shock and confusion, she makes a move on him... 4. Kokuhaku x Kokuhaku (ć‘Šç™œĂ—ć‘Šç™œ, Confession x Confession); Comic Megastore 2007-10 While in a meeting he is not thrilled to be in, Nakamoto is checking out Sakashita, a beautiful, shy girl he has not spoken to. To say he is surprised when she confesses to him during the meeting is an understatement. Nevertheless, after that she doesn't approach him again, only avoiding eye contact, and so a month passes like that. However, the status quo is about to end since Nakamoto's friend has talked sense to him to answer the confession, and Sakashita is not willing to wait any longer either. 5. Honto no Kimochi (ホントぼキヱチ, True Feelings); Comic Megastore 2009-06 When Daichi comes to school early only to see his friend and classmate Megu standing in front of the lockers blankly, he of course pokes fun at her. Being subjected to a wrestling move in return, he is more than happy to take advantage of the love letter Megu forgot to take with her. Still, he has the decency not to read it out loud. That is, only until Megu insults him right back. Now, with Megu's feelings for Daichi laid bare in front of their whole class, Daichi better go make amends... 6. Preceptor Nurse (プăƒȘă‚»ăƒ—ăƒ†ă‚ŁăƒŠăƒŒă‚č, Apprentice Nurse); Comic Megastore 2009-02 A crash victim with a nurse fetish is assigned a newbie nurse. He is her first patient, so she makes mistakes, but she is beautiful and caring, so he keeps encouraging her. This makes her even more eager to help him, so after she helps him pee at night, her wiping of his penis ends up being longer than strictly necessary... 7. Heart Break Shot (ăƒăƒŒăƒˆă¶ă‚Œă„ăă‚·ăƒ§ăƒƒăƒˆ); Comic Megastore 2007-09 Megumi, horrified at the thought that she's the only virgin among her friends, storms into the home of her otaku friend, Kazushi, intending to rape him and 'fix' her problem. However, he might not be as experienced as she thinks he is. 8. Eve no Okurimono (ă‚€ăƒ–ăźèŽˆă‚Šç‰©, The Christmas Eve Gift); Comic Megastore 2008-02 Hina is excited about spending the christmas with her boyfriend, Hisaki. However, her younger sister, doesn't appreciate Hina's happiness, and so exchanges Hina's present for Hisaki with a bunch of dildoes and other paraphernalia. Given that Hina got an erotic santa costume, just how will this christmas unfold? 9. Fake Love (ăƒ•ă‚§ă‚€ă‚Żăƒ©ăƒ–); Comic Megastore 2008-01 When Yuu's crush approaches him to ask him to pretend to be her boyfriend, he is a bit disappointed but still accepts happily. After all, he gets to go on a date with his beloved senior, Kimi. There is but one issue: this whole arrangement arose so that Kimi can get rid of her stalker, a juniour girl. (Un)fortunately, the girl is very persistent, forcing the two to take their act further and further. 10. Daremo Shiranai: Gojitsudan (èȘ°ă‚‚矄らăȘă„ïŒćŸŒæ—„è«‡ïŒ, No One Knows: Sequel); kakioroshi Now that Yuri's libido has been unleashed, she can't help but let her imagination run wild.

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