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Kaichou no Iinari!

Kaichou no Iinari!

comedy ยท hentai ยท romance

Ch.0 Enma Judgement After - Enma and her sexy demon girls are reforming the good old Hell into...Orgy Hell. Ch.1-4. Student Council President's Slave - About some guy who's fallen in love with the student council president and his "love adventures" with her playing dominatrix. 5. Enma Judgement - Some guy who has accidentally commited a suicide while masturbating meets Enma-sama who will decide whether to send him to Heaven or to Hell through having sex with him. 6. Enma Judgement Sequel - Same guy being "tortured" from a cute little demon girl. 7. Bunny House - A boy goes to a girl's house to help her with studying,but how surprised is he to find out that what this girl wears at home is a bunny outfit. 8. Saki-tan Refresh - About a boy and his cold-eyed working older sister.But once she comes home and takes off her "restrictive" work outfit,she becomes childish,has a bath with her brother...you can guess the rest.

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