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Ai no Konseki: Yajuu Gunsou to Aigan Guni

Ai no Konseki: Yajuu Gunsou to Aigan Guni

action · drama · hentai

Passionate love that burns the body!! Also included raving, popular ninja series “Kirigakure no Koi”!! Story 1) "Ai no Konseki - Yajuu Gunsou to Aigan Guni" Army physician, Misono, was stationed in the southern frontline when he first met the wild Sergeant Kizaki. One day, the infirmary was bombed and Misono wouldn’t have survived if not for Kizaki. However, while Misono was delirious with malaria fever and shock, Kizaki preyed on him! Story 2) "Kirigakure no Koi" (Love in the Dense Fog) Rookie ninja Mozu was entrusted with a dangerous mission-- to assassinate his master's master, the rumored ninja defector, Tobimaru! To help Mozu with this impossible mission, his master, Kirimaru, must teach Mozu how to lure Tobimaru with sex!

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