Psyren: Another Call

Psyren: Another Call


Compilation of secret episodes of character of Pysren: - File 1 : Amamiya Sakurako ~ Don't you want a kiss? Date between Ageha and Abyss. Ageha went shopping with Amamiya..... who couldn't even look into his eyes out of shame. Her other personality, "Abyss", has shouted out loud what she wouldn't whisper.... "I love you! I love you! Of all the living things on this world I love you the most!" Thinking of that, she falls into the loop of self-despising thoughts again. "Someone... someone get me out of this situation..." "Okayyyy!" "What?" And the one that materialized into front of Ageha was...? - File 2 : Hyoudou Kagetora ~ The Battling Chivalry The Episode of Matsuri and Kagetora's encounter. Back in an alley, Kagetora collapsed. .....It was a shockingly strong opponent. The steel-like body of his was riddles with bullets. His thoughts was on someone he should protect - someone that has been taken away by his enemey. "I've got to save him..." was all his mind has, but his is conciousness was fading as fast as blood was draining away from his body. "...I've to die here?" "Oiiieeee" comes a woman puking at the alley. - File 3 : Frederica ~ Birth of the Flames The story of Pyro Queen, and day before she was crowned. Since the "date of Rebirth", the Elmore Wood children has delved deep into the "Root". In order to built their powers to defeat the WISE, they have been hiding out of sight from the ground. During a route survillance, Frederica approached Kato City (Note, probably misspel, will correct later....) There stood the ruins of the half-burnt house what she used to call home but destroyed herself. Revived was her childhood memories, and abandonment by her parents... Then, a crowd of Tavoos closed in to attack her... - File 4 : Miroku ~ The Endless Poem The story of Miroku, before he set his stage. "He"..... heard a "Song". That was no song normal humans hears out of their ears, but a special song audible only to abnormal people like him. The "Song" invited him. So he approached the place the "Song" directed him to. The way he was shown, was the shocking was that lowly humans will end...

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