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Sensei wo Mite Kudasai

Sensei wo Mite Kudasai

drama ยท hentai

The story mainly focuses on the Love = Hate premise, were pretty much every lead character will get unknowingly sweep away by someone that they have enmity or vice versa, the most prominent character in the story is a super irresponsible and unfriendly teacher named Wakase who is extremely cold to everyone and has big problems getting along with both teachers and student alike; yet that unfriendly behavior coupled with her god look has (strangely) made her one of the most popular females within the school. Wakase sensei also is the name sake for this story, has her attitude changes dramatically when she is under the effect of strong wine. Like many other Fuuga stories, the setting of the story is the same school that Rika Kurosaki and Morisaki sensei are attending.

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