The Voynich Hotel

The Voynich Hotel

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In the secluded Voynich Hotel, managed by the enigmatic Kandre Umeda, resides a trio of peculiar individuals: the secretive maids Elena and Beluna, and the murderous chef Amelia. Seeking solace from his troubled history, Japanese traveler Kuzuki Taizou seeks refuge at this desolate island retreat. However, Taizou's tranquil escape spirals into a labyrinth of eccentricities as he delves into the island's peculiar happenings and its eclectic inhabitants. Despite inadvertently creating chaos in his wake, Taizou forms deep connections with the residents, offering his assistance amidst the island's enigmatic atmosphere. When Taizou's haunted past reemerges to confront him on the island, his newfound comrades rally to his side in a display of unwavering loyalty.

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