Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul

Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul


In the realm of Hazama, a liminal space between Heaven and Earth, egotistical human spirits linger in a state of limbo. These self-absorbed souls manifest unique 'phantoms' born from their selfish desires, ranging from solitary structures to entire metropolises. Unfortunate wanderers drawn to these phantoms risk entrapment, destined to be consumed by the conceited soul's vanity. Rock, a warrior of the Black Shooter army, partners with the enigmatic and shape-shifting weapon Ron to infiltrate these phantoms and retrieve lost souls at the root, guiding them towards purification and eventual ascension. Their noble quest faces a formidable obstacle in Dead, a mysterious fellow Black Shooter who rejects aiding sinners in their redemption, opting instead to devour souls and erase them from existence.

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