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First Love

First Love


1-2. Smile Again A guy lives together with his shut-in younger sister, and he gets stood up by his date. He has already made reservations at a restaurant, so he bring his sister along instead. 3. How Do You Feel? A really cute story about a guy and his Tsundere crush that tries to suppress her facial expressions. 4. Sakura Question Yoshi regularly tutors his cousin Sakura in many subjects. One day she comes to him with the problem of why masturbation doesn't feel as she expected. 5. My Fair Lady For ten years Masaki was Kamizuru's caretaker and tutor, but recently the two moved into a separate house together and Misaki doesn't feel safe with Kamizuru's more aggressive advances. 6. Childhood Friend in the Summer Kouichi meets his childhood friend Makoto for the first time in a long while, and sees that she has gone through some changes. What made her decide to do this ‘makeover’? And does she even remember their quarrel? 7. Happy Lesson Masaya returns to Kyouko's house for his cell-phone, catching her watching porn in his absence. He decides to give her the "3D"-version of what she saw in 2D. 8. Futari no Ochakai (Tea for Two) Kazyua goes to a tea ceremony club and likes what he sees there and it's not the tea... 9. Itatte Kenzen! (Perfectly Healthy!) The girl is a tsundere, and the guy enjoys teasing her. They make a great couple, don’t you think?

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