Aoharu X Kikanjuu

Aoharu X Kikanjuu

actioncomedyslice of life

Masamune, known as Mattsun, and his close friend Tooru, nicknamed Yukki, once shared dreams of becoming professional soccer players. Their paths diverged when Yukki moved away during middle school following his parents' divorce. Despite his dedicated training, Mattsun doubted his abilities and ended up as a host valued solely for his looks. Reflecting on the past, he wonders about Yukki's whereabouts. A chance reunion reveals Yukki's unexpected path as a recluse writing adult manga and participating in survival games. When invited to join Yukki in these games, Mattsun grapples with his fear of isolating himself by striving too hard for success. Balancing nostalgia for their carefree youth and the pursuit of personal growth, Mattsun faces a pivotal moment to confront his past and shape his future.

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