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Asobare Dear Sex Friend

Asobare Dear Sex Friend


1) Shinro wo Kimero! (進路を決めろ!, Decide Your Future!); Comic Penguin Club 2011-07 2-5) Asobare (あそばれ, Let's Play); Comic Penguin Club 2011-01~04 6-7) Natsu no Mai (夏の舞, Summer Mai); Comic Penguin Club 2010-10, 12 8) Seitokai no Himegoto (生徒会の秘めごと, Student Council Secret); Comic Momohime 2010-06 9) Seitokai no Asobi (生徒会のお遊び, Student Council Game); Comic Penguin Club 2010-09 10) Hon no Dekigokoro (ほんの出来心, Just a Sudden Impulse); Comic Momohime 2010-05 11) Kanojo or Ecchi (彼女orえっち, Girlfriend or Sex); Comic Momohime 2009-12

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