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Porno Graffitti

Porno Graffitti


1) Suki ni Nattara Ii ja Nai (好きになったらいいじゃない, Isn't It Alright To Fall In Love?); Comic LO 2010-07 2) Fiction S (Fiction S); 2009-10 3) Close to You (close to you); 2009-05 4) Scar Tissue (Scar tissue); 2009-03 5) Girl's Collection (girl's collection); 2009-06 6) Dryout (ドライアウト); 2010-11 7) I Wanna Be Princess's Pet (アイワナビーPrincess's Pet); 2010-05 8-9) Papiliones (Papiliones); 2009-12, 2010-02 10) Hito wa Ai nomi de Ikiru Mono demo Nai Wake de... (人は愛のみで生きるものでもないわけで…, People Can't Survive on Nothing but Love...); 2009-01 11) Suki ni Yattara Ii ja Nai (好きにやったらいいじゃない); kakioroshi

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