Boku to Kanojo no Koi Log

Boku to Kanojo no Koi Log


Mizuhara Ritsu has a deep affection for both the digital beauties of eroge games and elementary school students. His friend Bungo becomes envious of Ritsu's seemingly effortless charm around various cute girls, including his little sister Miri, the feisty childhood friend Akari, and the cool kuudere Hatori. When Bungo mentions an enigmatic blogger who predicts the future and mirrors Ritsu's own traits, Ritsu initially dismisses it as a joke. However, he soon finds himself following the blog's cryptic hints for the next day. The story unfolds with the Akari arc spanning Chapters 1-8, followed by a time loop resetting in Chapter 9 and introducing the Hatori arc. Chapter 13 delves into the Miri arc, leading to another narrative reset.

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