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Otome Drops

Otome Drops


1. The Seasonal Festival 2. Zannen desu!! Airi-san Airi and Taichi do not like each other very much, but the thin walls of their house make for some interesting things. 3. Yoku kiku Koi no Omajinai! A guy catches this mysterious girl doing some strange voodoo on a classmate’s desk. Against his will, he gets dragged into helping her quest to pick up his classmate. It’s so bad that he feels like he needs to find a way to disgust her enough that he can get away from being her helper. 4. Arashi no Yoru Ni 5. Tutorial 6. SxS 7. Iki Sugi, Sei Katsu Shidou!! 8. Normal Relations 9. Rumble Sisters Poor younger brother gets tied up and bullied by both his hidoi onee-chans 10. 12 More Centimeters

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