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Junai Mellow

Junai Mellow


1. ±LOVE (More or Less Love, Plus Minus Love); Comic Tenma 2010-05 2. Wazawai Tenjite Neko to Naru (災い転じて猫となる, Turn Calamity into a Cat); 2011-09 After breaking Takeru's computer with the manga he's been working on, Akane offers to replace it by becoming the heroine of his manga. 3. Soushi Souai (窓視窓愛~そうしそうあい~, Mutual Love Seen Through a Window); 2011-06 Asuka has been having internet sex with her childhood friend, Ryou, but is bothered by the fact that he hasn't noticed that it's her, until he unknowingly confesses to her. 4. Take Your Mark ; 2011-03 Kurosaki Mio has made an absurd promise to her student, Aiba Satoru, that if he did indeed break the school record for the 100 meter freestyle, she would let him fondle her breasts. 5. Chiteki Koukishin (痴的好奇心, Perverted Curiosity); 2011-01 "What is this? It's kinda cute..." "They're anal beads." "A-ANAL--?!" Mishima Shouko discovers her boyfriend is into kinky stuff, especially S&M. At first shocked, Shouko's curiosity get's the better of her. "Put this on," her boyfriend tells her--and takes Shouko on a wild sexual adventure she'll never forget! 6. LIKE A CHILD ; 2010-11 Kouji and Kana are not good with parties, so they go home early, walking to the station together. However, when Kouji unwittingly treats Kana like a child due to her petite stature, she snaps and decides to show hime her experience. She is in for a surprise. 7. Yuka (夕夏, Summer Night); 2010-09 Ken visits his his relatives in the countryside to take a break after exams. There he meets Megumi whom he had not seen in several years, and is immediately aroused by her voluptuous figure. She, in turn, takes that opportunity to confess her love. 8. Junketsu Before After (純潔ビフォーアフ ター, Purity Before After); 2010-07 Kannari Imaichi has just become a teacher at the famous Tousou Private Academy. One of the school's policies is a strict dress code but his student, Tougoh Hime, refuses to abide by this rule. To deal with this blatant disregard for the rules (and her attitude towards him), Imaichi must take drastic measures... 9. Gogo no Kouchou (午後の紅潮); 2010-03 Mizuno Yayoi is pent up since her husband has been working overtime regularly, so she decides to have some fun in her new lingerie with the toy she has just bought. However, she is seen by Okajima Naoki, who has a crush on her. 10. Mikawaya desu (三河屋で~す, It's Mikawaya); 2010-01 Nakaoka Akira is an aspiring lawyer, but he has failed the National Bar Examination for four years. He orders some beer, and the one to deliver it is Mikawa Akemi. Being as desperate as Akira is, he keeps ordering beer and befriends Akemi. 11. Sonogo no Hime-chan (その後の姫ちゃん, Hime-chan After); kakioroshi Hime has improved her behaviour and now dresses appropriately, but she now keeps calling Imaichi for meetings around the school instead.

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