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Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai

Omae de Nakya Dame Mitai


1) If It's Not You For Suwa, a hunk like him needs a pretty girl by his side. Theoretically. But in fact, he's going out with Fujisaki, four-eyed and average looking. It's just a temporary relationship for Suwa, only until he finds a girlfriend... But then, why does he feel so guilty when he takes an interest in someone else? 2) Are You Lovely When Daisuke finds a love letter in his shoe locker, he's over the moon with joy! The handwriting and the girl's name are so cute, her looks are surely as sweet.... or are they? "Ruka-chan" turns out to be a large, effeminate, kendo-club freshman guy! What will Daisuke do??! 3) Two Glasses Ryuu has a fetish... a glasses fetish to be exact. In a triangle of seduction, Ryuu has to choose between his cute childhood friend Aya, and his sexy co-worker Kuze-san. 4) Moonlight Stroll Yuuya is stressed out by Tokyo... the city, the company, the trains. He suddenly gets a call from Haru, his ex - who apparently emailed that he was coming to visit? The days with Haru pass, and Yuuya remembers when they were together... how nice it felt. 5) Even a Dog Wouldn't Take a Bite Yutaka and Yoshi have been going out... but lately Yoshi keeps breaking appointments because of work. Yutaka gets fed up with it, and decides to let of a little steam with the new guy Narazaki...

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