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1-6. Ane Control (Sister Control) Souji idolizes his older sister, Maki, seeing her as an untouchable existence, things such as romance being beneath her. However, when she asks him to help her pick a present for her crush's birthday, he is forced to accept the reality that she is a normal girl too. That being the case, he has nothing to hold him back; armed with the knowledge of how to hypnotise Maki from when he tried it years ago, he sets out to make her his and only his. 7. Ane ni Matatabi Tadashi is living alone to attend school, but now his older sister, Kaho, has come live with him since she failed at another drama-inspired career and is too embarrassed to go to their parents' home. At least, she did the chores while he is at school. However, when Tadashi returns, he finds her asleep in his bed, hugging his clothes... 8. xx Kara Hajimaru Koimoaru Haru doesn't see Akane, his childhood friend, as a girl at all, truly believing he is the only guy who would show any interest in her. However, it only takes Akane changing her hairstyle for him to realise how utterly out of touch with reality he is, which makes him depressed. He does not leave his bed the next day, and when Akane comes to check up on him, he truly sees her for the first time in years. 9. Ane Control: Bangai-hen (Sister Control: Bangai-hen) After Souji and Maki watch a show about dogs, Souji decides to hypnotise Maki into thinking she is a dog.

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