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Megane no Megami

Megane no Megami


1-5. Megane no Megami (メガネnoメガミ); Comic Megastore 2010-10, 2011-05, 09, 2012-04, 08 Hiro has a glasses fetish and often brings his girlfriend home to have sex when his parents are out. His older sister (who also wears glasses) is usually home to hear this. One night Hiro walks in on his sister masturbating. She gets pissed and as punishment makes Hiro masturbate in front of her. Things start to develop from there... 6. Ano Natsu, Omoide no Umi: One Summer Dream (あの夏、思い出の海~one summer dream~); Comic Megastore 2011-02 So, a young lad comes to the home island of his mother and is reacquainted with a girl from his childhood, who has changed quite a bit. It seems like he is started to be attracted to her. That means... 7. Kanojo wa Sore wo Yurusenai!?: Sweet Sweat Switch (彼女はそれを許せない!?~sweet sweat switch~); Comic Hotmilk 2011-11 8. Boku no Haigorei? (ぼくの背後霊?, The Ghost Behind My Back?); Comic Hotmilk 2012-10 It’s about a girl cousin who worries too much about her younger boy cousin, whose dead mom asked her to take care of him.

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