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Kijin Gahou

Kijin Gahou


Collection of one-shots. 1. Collecting #1 About a girl who collects everything her crush touches. 2. Collecting #2 It's about a man who keeps a photographic album of women giving him blowjobs. Of course, no collection is complete without a little variety. 3. Collecting #3 Schoolboys play a sexual card game. 4. Collecting #4 A lunchbox factory girl collects vomit. 5. Collecting #5 A man gathers his missing girlfriend's body parts. 6. Collecting #6 A suicidal girl enters a little group of sick woman that made abortion a grotesque art. With usual Kago sick humor and nonsense. 7. Harakiri A world where cutting your stomach is the newest fashionable trend among schoolgirls. 8. The Unscratchable Itch Putting worms under skin can be an addictive pleasure. 9. Holy Night Santa is terrorizing the Japanese by flooding everyone with unwanted gifts. The only way to stop Santa from sending more is to convince him that you’re happy with what you got, or so they believe. The story is split between a girl trying to find a way to get Santa to stop sending her vibrators, and the various government schemes to try and capture or eliminate Santa."

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