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Porno Switch

Porno Switch


1. Namidai Ocean (Tear-Colored Ocean) 2. Mikichu (Exploit Me, My Dear Tyrant!) 3. Houkago Trap (After-School Trap.) 4. Shuuya ni Aunaraba...(If We Meet On An Autumn Night) 5. Taiyou no Shizuku (You are my Sunshine) 6. Kayane Kousei Sakusen (Kayane Rehabilitation Strategy) 7. Natsu no Mukou ni (The Summer Girl Smiles Like Sunflowers) 8. Sagashimono (Baby, what else are you looking for?) 9. Sotto Yobikakete (Call me Softly) 10. Asa mo, Yoru mo, Furete yo. (All Day, All Night, Touch Me!) 11. Sugisaranu Hito (The one who wouldn't leave me behind) 12. Futatabi Shuuya ni Aunaraba... (If We Meet On Autumn Night ~Continued~) 13. Futatabi Kayane Kousei Sakusen (Kayane Rehabilitation Strategy ~Continued~)

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