Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru

Tsumi no Shitone mo Nureru Yoru


When Yoshiyasu was young, he met a little girl in a neighboring house. He told her his name, but she said she doesn’t have any name. She was cold, and Yoshiyasu warmed her hands for her. After being accidentally hugged, she told Yoshiyasu that she will wait for him to come back after seven years. Seven years later, Yoshiyasu meets up with some friends and relatives and enters a gamble. The loser will have to secretly enter the Seikanji house, which is rumored to be the abode of a beautiful daughter of the family. Yoshiyasu remembers the promise he had made with a little girl seven years ago and as he lost the gamble, enters the Seikanji grounds. Upon seeing the girl, now a young woman, inside the house, Yoshiyasu couldn’t help the pent up desire inside him and ravished her. In the process, he finds out that the young woman is actually a young man named Fuyuki.

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