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1. Rojiura no Hitozuma (Backalley Housewife) In Toshiya's neighbourhood, there is back alley shortcut. He hates using it to cross, but not because he often gets yelled at either by a bald old man or his wife, Saki. In fact, he doesn't really hate using the shortcut, it's just that he is in love with Saki, but he can't possibly have her as she is married, meaning they can only be friends. However, after he tells her one day about how his girlfriend dumped him after he kissed her, Saki demands he show her his kissing technique. Will this be his chance to get closer to the beautiful woman? 2. Ryokan no Hitozuma A guy is masturbating in his room at a mostly empty lodge when a drunk woman barges in on him, claiming to be the only fap material he needs. Unfortunately, not only is she someone else's wife who stumbled into the wrong room, his pay-per-view porn is also gone, meaning he can't ejaculate even though he is really turned on. Fortunately, the husband is asleep, the wife is now also turned on, and the guy is the only person in the men's bath. 3. Shuuchi no Hitozuma (A Shameful Wife) When Rie was allowed to pick swimsuits for her mom and Shun, her friend, she picked some quite naughty ones. Now, her mom is too embarassed to play at the beach. Fortunately, she is not alone in her situation, as Shun is sitting turned away from them. However, the mother quickly finds that the thing embarassing Shun is that the boner he gets from looking at her pops out of his swimsuit. 4. Omowaku A mother plays with her daughter's friend, apparently to ensure that the two kids don't end up making a mistake. 5. Kiyoshi (Silent Night, Holy Night) It's Kiyoshi's first christmas living alone, so he threw a party. Just as he is basking in the satisfaction of the amazing night, Konoyo presents her breasts to him, saying it's his christmas present. Turns out, she is drunk, but everyone else seems to have gone, and he too isn't sober, so why not? 6. The Last Ofuro Guardian Daichi is boarding in a house with three beauties. He is very grateful to be allowed to live with them, so when a persistent peeper keeps looking through the bathroom window at the girls, he does his best to catch the criminal. However, when the evildoear escapes his fingers once again, the girls suggest that, rather than standin outside in the cold, Daichi stand guard in the bath while they are bathing. 7. Futarikiri Genta was invited to a beach, taken there in a car, and kissed. Now, the two are a bit further away from people but still very visible, furiously making out. 8. End of Summer Keta was invited by Yurie, a friend from his childhood who used to be like a big sister to him, to her room now they are living in neighbouring towns after years of separation. She promised to show him 'something good', but whether she meant watching fireworks or having hot, steamy sex, no one knows. In any case, they ended up doing both ... simultaneously. 9. Midnight Snack Taro always stays in the kitchen late, leaving the door ajar. Rather than eating snacks however, he is waiting for various girls from the neighbourhood to visit him for sex. 10. Drenched Housewife Taku is helping his brother's wife, Yume, contain the roof leaks in her house, since his brother is on a business trip. When she gives him a peck on the cheek as thanks, he asks for a kiss on the lips instead and is only slightly disappointed when she admonishes him playfully. However, after she gives him a surprise French kiss, will he be able to restrain himself? 11. Secret Base A pair of childhood friends, now both adults with their own kids, meet in the secret base they used to use when young. They wonder about if their kids will too end up using the hideout and reminisce about the old times. However, when their thoughts turn to how they used to pleasure each other in that very place, their current actions don't lag behind. 12. Sleeping Together Meg decided to sleep in her husband's younger brother's bed rather than her husbands, apparently because her husband snores. However, her sexy appearence in the thing nightgown she is wearing is rather distracting to the teenager. 13. Sweat Drenched Married Woman A woman tries to cool herself off in the hot weather, but her AC breaks down, the fan gets broken when she and her partner fight over it, and there is no breeze from the outside. The solution they come up with is to manually fan each other's genitals. 14. Flipflop Syndrome There is a disease going around where people's breasts start vibrating spontaneously. Yurika too catches it, but as she attempts to end her date with her boyfriend early, she is instead swept away by his enthusiasm to try playing with her vibrating tits. It's not like he is at risk anyway: he has had the disease for months now.

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