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Koinaka: Koi Chitsu

Koinaka: Koi Chitsu


1. Do Ping! 2. Onsen Satisfaction 3. Shitai Koto: Ienai Koto 4-5. Toriko Voice (A Captive's Voice) 6. Shochu Kaika (Blooming in Midsummer) 7. Tentekiteki Hanayome (A Hell of a Bride) 8. Keikou Filter (Fluorescence Filter) Doping! (Doピング!); Comic Megastore H 2009-02 Unable to "Get it up," Kenji orders a "male enhancement" drug from questionable website. The only problem is, when the time came, Kasumi drank it by mistake. Onsen Satisfaction (OnSenァティスフゑクション); 2009-05 After being rejected dozens of times by his sensei, Yagi goes for a full assault in the onsen during a school trip. Shitai Koto, Ienai Koto (γ‚·γ‚Ώγ‚€γ‚³γƒˆοΌš γ‚€γ‚¨γƒŠγ‚€γ‚³γƒˆ, What You Want to Do, But Cannot Say Out Loud); 2011-04 Natsume was born into a well off family but cannot speak her own mind, and it takes Shindou her attendant to force it out of her. Toriko Voice (θ™œγƒœγ‚€γ‚Ή, A Captive Voice); 2010-07, 2011-02 The Class president of the Literature club has a quiet and beautiful voice. However, every time she talks to Takase it is misunderstood as a public display of affection; though, that assumption isn't necessarily false either. Shochuu Kaika (ζš‘δΈ­ι–‹θŠ±, Midsummer Bloom); 2010-09 After being told by Akira that he loves her comforting scent, Himawari becomes self-conscious about her smell after practice (though she has nothing to worry about as far as Akira's concerned). Tenteki-teki Hanayome (ε€©ζ•΅ηš„θŠ±ε«); 2010-11 Crippled by a past experience, Kanetsugu developed gynophobia. However, Kasuga, a marriage partner chosen by his mother, might just be able to cure him. Keikou Filter (蛍光フィルタ, Fluorescence Filter); 2011-07 While at first glance their age gap may denote a mother and her son, Mitsuhiko and Hotaru are quite different. A woman and a boy, equally inexperienced and innocent.

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