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1. Sennyuu Sousakan Saejima Atsuko (Undercover Investigator Saejima Atsuko) 2. Kairaku Restaurant ni Youkoso!! (Welcome to Pleasure Cafe!!) 3. Henkare (Pervert Boyfriend) 4. Henkano (Pervert Girlfriend) 5. Henkoi (Perverted Love) 6. Kitakaze no Koiwazurai (Kitakaze's Lovesickness) 7. Toshiue no Otouto (Older Little Brother) 8. Deli Mama (Delivery Mama & Love) 9. Hikkoshi (Moving In) 10. Natsu no Tokubetsu Hoshuu (Special Training During Summer/Summer's Special Remedial Lessons) 11. Cheer Girl 12. Boku no Maid (My Maid)

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