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Hajimete no!

Hajimete no!


1. Oshiete Ageru (I’ll Teach You) 2. MMM ~Mitsuki-chan Majimakoron~ 3. Idol no Oshigoto Takasaki Hazumi 11 Sai (An Idol's Job Takasaki Hazumi Age 11) 4. Natsuyasumi, Suru? (What Are You Doing over Summer Vacation?) Runa-chan spends her summer playing with older men, and she later learns a better way to play. 5-6. Tabikoi (Love Trip) Kou-kun and Akiho-chan are spending the weekend at an inn and he takes her with him to the mens bath while no one else is around. 7. Interceptor Sister 8. Oasobi no Jikan (Play Time) 9. Chokinbako Ippai no Suki (I Like a Full Bank) 10. Hiyake @ Daisuki (Suntan @ Love) Yumi decides to drop by her Onii-chan's place because her parents won't be home.

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