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Koimitsu Fragrance

Koimitsu Fragrance


1. Urahara (Opposite) 2. Kagesete Fragrance (That Fragrance You Made Me Smell) 3. Body Language 4. Necchuushou no Goyoujin (Livin' the Heat Island) 5. Please Tell Me 6. Wakeari Sweets (The Reason for Sweets) 7. Yureru Laundry (In the Unstable Swinging Laundry) 8. Kouboufude wo Erabazu (A Good Workman Never Blames His Tools) 9. Otone no Iede (It's Immoral Daytrip) 10. Kyousei Renai (Forceful Romance) 11. Non-Stop!

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