Hana no Miyako de

Hana no Miyako de

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In the world of Hana no Miyako, Motoharu Tsujimura and Akira Hazumi, despite their contrasting social backgrounds, have remained childhood friends. Their bond is tested when Motoharu declares his feelings for Akira, leading to a complicated dynamic between them. As Akira pursues his passion for botany at a specific university, Motoharu follows suit, intertwining their futures further. A pivotal moment arises when Akira proposes a heartfelt conversation during their walk home, setting the stage for significant decisions. Meanwhile, in Hana no Migoro, Youichi Arikawa and Shouta Misaki, who met while assisting Professor Tsujimura in his agricultural lab, now navigate a romantic relationship in Misaki's ancestral home. Graduating from university, they face new challenges that strain their bond. Despite being seen as mere friends and housemates externally, internal conflicts arise when Arikawa's family dynamics come into play. With Arikawa's mother's expectations conflicting with Misaki's desire for secrecy, the unexpected return of Arikawa's sister adds further complexity to their lives.

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