Sonyeo the Wild's

Sonyeo the Wild's


For over four decades, Wild's High has stood as an exclusive all-girls private high school catering to the elite, where daily training involves mastering various lethal combat styles such as boxing, sword-fighting, and taekwondo. Known for hosting the revered Wild's League, a renowned sporting event where teenage girls engage in intense battles, sometimes to the extreme. This year marks a significant shift as Wild's transitions into a co-ed institution, with the lone male applicant being Song Jae Gu. Despite his lack of academic prowess, he secures a prestigious three-year scholarship, driven by his unwavering dedication to caring for his younger siblings. However, a fateful encounter with Queen, the formidable reigning champion of the Wild's League, sets off a chain of events after a coffee mishap leads to an unexpected confrontation. As Jae Gu navigates his newfound role as the sole male amidst a school teeming with exceptional and unconventional girls, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, delving into the realms of combat and resilience.

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