Nobunaga no Chef

Nobunaga no Chef


One day, a bewildered young man is abruptly awakened by a stranger. To their astonishment, they realize they have been transported to 16th-century Japan during the turbulent Warring States Period. As they try to make sense of their situation, the stranger tends to their wounds, but their peaceful moment is shattered when they are mistaken for spies and pursued by militia soldiers. Tragedy strikes as the stranger sacrifices himself, urging the protagonist, Ken, to find a way back to the Heisei Era. Fleeing for his life, Ken crosses paths with Natsu, a compassionate metalsmith, who offers him refuge. Despite his amnesia, Ken rediscovers his culinary expertise from his former life and uncovers flashes of historical knowledge about the era he now finds himself in. Embraced by the townspeople for his culinary skills, Ken catches the eye of the formidable Oda Nobunaga, known for his bold and ruthless demeanor. Nobunaga, recognizing Ken's talent, enlists him as his personal chef, using his gastronomic prowess to gain strategic advantages. Through his delectable dishes, Ken not only wins over Nobunaga but also navigates the treacherous political landscape of the time, showcasing a blend of culinary artistry and historical insight.

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