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Itadaki! Seieki♥

Itadaki! Seieki♥


1. Kyuuketsuki no Hors d'oeuvre (吸血鬼のオードブル, First Course for Vampire); kakioroshi 2. Kyuuketsuki no Gochisou (吸血鬼のご馳走, Dinner for a Vampire); Comic Unreal 2011-06 3. Kyuuketsuki no Full Course (吸血鬼のフルコース, Full Course Dinner for Vampire); Comic Unreal 2012-04 4. Moratte Iinchou!! (もらって委員長!!, Take it Chairman!!); Comic Unreal 2011-10 5. Nemuri Hime wa Bitch (眠り姫はビッチ, The Sleeping Beauty Is a Bitch); Comic Unreal 2012-08 6. Puppetmaster (パペットマスター); Comic Unreal Anthology: GyakuRapeQueens Vol.2 7. Succubus Night (サキュバスナイト); Comic Unreal 2012-02 8. Mahou Shoujo no Oshigoto (魔法少女のおしごと, The Work of Magical Girl); Seitenkan Anthology Comics III 9. Sasen Kuiki no Otanoshimi (左遷区域のおたのしみ, The Enjoyment of Demotion Limits/I Sure Love Getting Demoted); Comic Unreal 2011-04 10. Midara na Mahou (ミダラな魔法, Erotic Magic); Comic Unreal Anthology: Futanarikko Fantasia II 11. Kyuuketsuki no Dolce (吸血鬼のドルチェ, Dolce for Vampire); kakioroshi

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