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Gatinko Battle!!

Gatinko Battle!!


"Gachibuto," a martial arts tournament hosted by the gods themselves, is in the midst of its 1919th iteration. The fiercest of fighters have gathered for this day, as the winner will be granted one wish by the gods. However, every year the rules are changed; to come out on top, the fighters will need to fulfill whatever conditions are chosen in order to win. In the first match of the quarterfinals, up-and-coming star Hino Ryuunosuke is faced against consecutive champion Ozora Yamato. As the two men prepare to duke it out, the winning condition is announced: the winner must make their opponent ejaculate! Taken aback by this news, Hino finds that Ozora is not only fully prepared to fight on, but is even more keen to compete than before. Though this isn't the type of tight-fisted hammering he had in mind, Hino prepares to do what he must to win and make his wish come true.

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