Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki


Under the rule of the formidable King Andragoras III, the kingdom of Pars thrives, with the gentle Prince Arslan preparing to inherit his father's legacy. Arslan's perception of his homeland as a benevolent realm is shattered when he is taken captive by a young Lusitanian escapee, exposing him to the harsh realities faced by slaves. Despite being rescued, the encounter leaves a lasting impact on Arslan. Fast forward three years, Arslan faces his first devastating battle against the Lusitanian forces, resulting in a catastrophic defeat for Pars due to enemy espionage and tactics. Saved by his faithful companion Daryun, the prince narrowly escapes death as Pars falls under enemy occupation, his father missing. Guided by Daryun to the enigmatic strategist Narsus, Arslan embarks on a quest to reclaim his kingdom. Alongside a diverse group of allies, including Narsus, Arslan confronts numerous obstacles, from treacherous nobles to the enigmatic Silver Mask warrior. Unyielding in his resolve, Arslan fights to liberate Pars from its enemies and internal corruption, determined to restore peace and justice to his homeland.

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