Hako no Naka

Hako no Naka


Before being wrongfully convicted of molestation, Takafumi Douno led a peaceful life. He had a decent-paying job, and his family was well-off. However, a one-sided court case between Douno and a woman puts his comfortable life in jeopardy, earning him a 10-month sentence for indecent assault. Now in prison, he questions his past actions and tries to make sense of the supposed justice that put him where he is. Despite having spent days in his cell, he still struggles to find his place in the confines of jail, locked away from society. One of Douno's cellmate is Kitagawa, an inscrutable young man whose history has yet to be laid bare. Although there is hearsay of him being a psychotic murderer, he remains a silent mystery to other inmates. However, when misfortune binds him and Douno together, the pair forms an unlikely relationship. As Douno begins to learn more about Kitagawa, he realizes that the man is actually a harmless and pleasant fellow. But unbeknownst to Douno, there is more to Kitagawa than meets the eye, and their encounter may be ill-fated after all.

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