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1. 100 Hearts Distraught, Atsuji is complaining to his friend, a music shop clerk, about his girlfriend breaking up with him. That's when he notices Ichika, a regular at the the store. Later, she decides to enter his car when she sees him in a jam, apparently since she has seen him at the store often and they have similar music tastes. In the end, he allows her to come play at his place, and they end up getting along. 2. I Know You Know An older brother is molesting his sister in her sleep. 3. Love Is Here to Stay A guy teases his girlfriend when she asks for sex, and after she leaves, he keeps acting cold to her. However, she still loves him, so it doesn't even take a week for her come back. Then, taking advantage of her desires, he asks her to lick his asshole. 4. Amapola Hinako is not looking forward to her 12th birthday. That's because she has promised to have sex with her cousin and lover, Wakkun, but there's a part of her body she is ashamed of. 5. Tiny Tina Seiji and his girlfirend don't have much time for each other since he started going to a far-away high school. Even though it was she who pushed him to go there, she wants to see him more often. However, her intentions are not entirely pure; she gets horny, and today she is so much so that she is prepared to break their promise not to have sex until she enters junior high. 6. Gemini Takeo is dating Rui. Today, they are going to have sex for the first time; their preparations are perfect, but when Rui sees Takeo's dick, she gets scared and runs away. Thankfully, Rui's twin, Yui, is nearby, prepared to help. 7-9. Joyful Girl When Kouji is appointed by his mother to tutor a young girl in piano, he is not thrilled because he has stopped playing. However, he is soon amazed by Tsubasa's skill. He does his best to teach her, but he soon learns that her the unusual things about her are not limited to her oddness.

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