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Aheochi 3-byoumae

Aheochi 3-byoumae


1-3. Love & Less (らぶ&れす); Comic Penguin Celeb 2013-02~04 Saya is very happily married. She and her husband love and support each other very much, and they have recently moved to a well situated appartment. Unfortunately, the apartment manager, Nishimura, is her former classmate. She used to bully him, so he is eager to blackmail her with the knowledge of her delinquent past: she has to satisfy his sexual desires for a month, or he will tell her husband. 4-9. Sun to Witch (サンとウィッチ); 2012-07~09, 11~2013-01 Taiyou is a teacher, but he is not at all respectable: fat, ugly, smelly, obsessed with cute girl goods, and willing to masturbate to a student and teacher he caught having sex. He is also a virgin despite approaching 30 years of age. Fortunately for him, even if he doesn't become a wizard, he does get a personal magician, who is also a cute girl, for a limited time. Unfortunately for everyone else, he is very willing to use her powers for his sexual benefit. 10-11. Utakata Omoi (うたかたおもい); 2012-05, 06 Naruse has joined the basketball club to become more manly, but he is not very good and can't get along with his teammates. Fortunately, the manager is willing to help him become a man. 12. Sun to Witch After (サンとウィッチアフター); kakioroshi Taiyou's relationship with Wakaba is progressing smoothly, and their sexual escapades continue.

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