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Akihabara Fall in Love

Akihabara Fall in Love


1-4. Akihabara Fall In Love Hasegawa was always called an Otaku when he was younger because of his glasses. Because of that, he had to hang out with other Otakus even though he didn't consider himself as one of them. He completely changed his image in middle school and finally landed in a large company after graduating from university. However, he has now been appointed to a local area, Akihabara where he once again finds himself shoulder to shoulder with other otakus. One day, on his way home from work, he decides to help an otaku looking kid from getting robbed. However, he gets hurt and the next thing he knows is waking up in a strange room and encountering the person he helped in a compromising position. 5. Extra: The Coward's "I Love You" Haru's childhood friend, Genta, is the new transfer student from America. Since their mothers were classmates in college, they spent most of their childhood together and Haru has loved him since then. But when the grown up Genta tells him that he has someone he likes, how will Haru react?

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