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LLOLL: Little Lips Of Lovely Lolita

LLOLL: Little Lips Of Lovely Lolita


1. Blizzard Remi and her skiing instructor get stranded in a snowstorm after he saved her when she skidded off course. Now, the two are alone in a cottage, waiting for the storm to pass, but it's pretty cold. To keep Remi warm, the instructor hugs her close, which gives her the opportunity to notice his boner. 2. Virgin Bitch Tsuyuri is a virgin, but in school she pretends to be very experienced, dispensing wisdom she has learned from books. However, one day she learns that a girl from a different class has had sex with her boyfriend, causing Tsuyuri to feel like her act is on the verge of being busted. That's when her homeroom teacher begs her to help him get rid of his virginity. Unfortunately, he is not her type. Fortunately, he is willing to pay her. 3. Be My Valentine Miyauchi is about to give a valentine's chocolate to her teacher, but he reminds her of what that symbolises, making embarassed. However, he then decides to feed her a chocolate he reveived from someone else, in the end accidentally getting her drunk off the liquor inside. Now emboldened by the liquid courage, Miyauchi pours her heart out, making good use of the practice she did. Will the teacher be able to resist the relentless attack of the normally serious student? 4. MARRY ME Akina is in love with her teacher, Kouji, and is continually on the attack. However, after being rebuffed in a particularly insensitive manner, she decides to take his advice and find a random guy her age to go on a date with. Of course, nothing comes of that, but it does give her a solid ground to pretend the date went swimmingly and that she slept with the guy, and then to challenge Kouji to confirm for himself that she has indeed lost her virginity. 5-9. OL -Office Lolita- OL, or office lolita, is a girl between ages 6 and 15 hired to comfort a company's employees. It has become a standard practice, and is said to be benefical to the girls too, somehow. Mai is one such OL, but the company she worked for has gone under. Fortunately, the president leveraged his connections to find employment for all his employees. Thus, Mai is now going for an interview, feeling inadequate for the large company yet determined to get the job. 10. Furimukanai Koto sa! (振い向かないことさ!, Because She Wouldn’t Pay Attention to Me!) Kaibara drinks a drug she ordered from the internet to grow a penis so that she can have sex with her beloved senior Nitou. However, she very quickly finds out that her rash actions were mostly unnecessary since Nitou is a futanari.

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