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Vanilla Essence

Vanilla Essence


1. Ikenai Asobi (イケナイアソビ) (Naughty Game) A school girl discovers the joy of voyeurism but finds she's not alone 2. Maru Game (マル・ゲーム) (Reward Game) A boy confesses to the perfect girl, but gets more than he bargains for 3. Nanido Settei very easy (難易度設定very easy) (Difficulty Level: Very Easy) New lingerie brings a couple together 4. Tadaima Pool Seisouchuu (ただいまプール清掃中) (Pool Cleaning in Progress) Things get hot for a couple while cleaning the school pool 5. Trip on Trip A couple must avoid getting caught together while on a field trip 6. Touch me if you can! A cyclist lures her new boyfriend into sex 7. Hatsumoude (はつもうで) (New Year's Shrine Visit) A boy and girl ring in the new year by ridding themselves of their worldly desires 8. You Gotta Star (ユー・ガッタ・スター) Two stargazers share a night under the stars 9. Hayaku Dashite ne (はやく提出してね) (Hurry Up And Submit) A couple gets delayed while handing in their graduation paperwork

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