Da Zhuzai

Da Zhuzai


In the vast Great Thousand World, where various realms intersect, numerous clans reside and lords convene. Rising from the Lower Planes, the Heavenly Sovereigns each carve out a legendary path toward rulership that others covet. The Flame Emperor commands the Endless Fire Territory ablaze with innumerable fires, while the Martial Ancestor's might shakes the heavens in the Martial Realm. Over at the West Heaven Temple, the Emperor of a Hundred Battles reigns supreme, and in the Northern Desolate Hill, amidst a sea of graves, the Immortal Owner holds sway. From the Northern Spiritual Realm emerges a youth mounted on a Nine Netherworld Bird, venturing into a vibrant and diverse realm. Amidst the fierce competition, who will emerge victorious in the pursuit of becoming a Great Ruler of their destiny in this realm where many vie for supremacy?

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