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Neon Sign Amber

Neon Sign Amber

drama · romance

Yuusuke Ogata has never been good at conveying his feelings through his face, leading him to be misunderstood by his previous girlfriends as emotionless. While working as a bodyguard at a nightclub, Yuusuke meets a regular named Masaki Saya, a male gyaru known for picking up women on a daily basis. In the morning, Yuusuke runs into Masaki again—drunk and asleep in front of a love hotel—and begrudgingly helps him. Much to Yuusuke's surprise, Masaki is a lot more likable than he seems and can even read his facial expressions. After Yuusuke lends him money, Masaki returns the favor by cooking him a meal every morning. As the two further interact, Yuusuke begins to take an interest in Masaki and discovers an unexpected side of him.

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