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comedy · romance · slice of life

Keisuke Hara, a blunt high schooler with a heart of gold, and good-looking Masayuki Shinoda are close friends, fondly dubbed "Shinohara" by their classmates. Juggling many responsibilities at school and home, Keisuke works hard to help out the sister who is his only family now. One busy morning when his sister declares that she slept in his jersey, all Keisuke feels is a mild annoyance—until, during PE, he realizes that she removed her pantyhose inside of his pants, and he is accidentally wearing them! Masayuki is quick to take his friend to the infirmary before anyone else notices, though, once they are alone, he is in no hurry to have Keisuke remove the pantyhose: with Keisuke's shapely ankles and perfect form, it would be a sin not to worship his beautiful legs encased in sexy black nylon. Keisuke must find a way to deal with Masayuki's fetish before it escalates into something they are both unprepared for.

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