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Tottemo Hot na Chuushinbu♥

Tottemo Hot na Chuushinbu♥


1. Narumi-chan no Kare Jiman (成美ちゃんの彼自慢, Narumi's Bragging About Her Boyfriend); Comic Sigma 2013-05 2. Yuuwaku Beach (誘惑ビーチ, Temptation Beach); Comic Tenma 2013-01 3. Yuuwaku Visitor (誘惑来訪者, Temptation Visitor); Comic Tenma 2013-03 4-5. Daitai Kanojo (代替彼女, Substitute Girlfriend); Comic Tenma 2012-10,11 6. Shiken Kikan no Hinichijou (試験期間の非日常, The Extraorfinary Testing Period); Comic Sigma 2012-10 7. Shiken Kikan no Enchousen (試験期間の延長戦, The Extra Testing Period); Comic Sigma 2012-11 8. Kamisama Play (神様プレイ, God Play) 9. Omakase Twins (お任せツインズ, The Leave It to Us Twins)

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