In the bustling town of Mitsuoka-chou lies Lilythtia International School, a magnet for students worldwide, including our protagonist Kento. While assisting at his family's flower shop, Florist Ogiwara, Kento dreams of inheriting the business one day. A chance encounter with a mysterious beauty, Runastia, who turns out to be a fragile succubus 'princess,' changes his life. Tasked by Runastia's attendant, Riel, to aid in her recovery using his unique life force, Kento makes a life-altering decision to enroll in Lilythtia. Little does he know that this prestigious institution is actually a school for succubi. Surrounded by provocative classmates, Kento must navigate a world of sensuality and danger, all while striving to survive and thrive in this unconventional academic environment.

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